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Welcome to Northeast Construction Trades Workforce Coalition, Inc., a Non-Profit 501(c)(6) Organization. Join us in making a difference.

Educate. Inspire. Connect.

Not Just a Job. It’s a Career.

Consider the Trades!

Educate. Inspire. Connect.

Not Just a Job. It’s a Career.

Consider the Trades!


Welcome to the NCTWC – Northeast Construction Trades Workforce Coalition, Inc.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, inspire and connect people in pursuit of rewarding careers in the trades, driving economic growth while building and sustaining our communities.

Unlock the door to endless possibilities with the Northeast Construction Trades Workforce Coalition (NCTWC). Our Minds Under Construction programs are designed to ignite passions by offering hands-on in school activities and field experiences with local partners. Join us on this transformative journey, where education meets expertise, and dreams take shape. Explore the pathways to success with us!

NCTWC toolbox assembly

Minds Under Construction (MUC) Programs

We’re Here to Help You

We offer a variety of programs to create awareness about opportunities in the trades. Whether you want to build your first toolbox, visit a construction job site, tour a local business, or participate in any of our MUC programs, we offer solutions that will work for you!

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Start

The Trades Are Not A Contingency Plan.

Trade schools are not a contingency plan. They offer a practical and budget-friendly route to kickstart your career. Vocational training is not just a backup plan for those who might not feel like they’re cut out for traditional college. These schools focus on getting you ready for the job market with hands-on, specialized training.

The demand for work is huge, opening doors for unprecedented opportunities, job security and stability, competitive benefit packages, the inclusion of women, and great starting salaries without incurring years of college debt.

So, why limit your options? Discover what you’re passionate about and dive into successful careers.

National Shortage

There’s a severe national shortage of skilled construction trades workers.

Job Security

There are many careers in construction that cannot be outsourced; job security.

Higher Starting Pay

The starting pay scale is generally higher than jobs in other fields.

Multiple Skill Levels

There are multiple skill levels. Modern techniques and equipment require tech savvy skills, math, science and design.

Low Costs

You can become a high-demand, skilled trades worker without spending thousands on an education.

A Career in Construction
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About Us

NCTWC’s Dedication

The NCTWC team is passionate about and dedicated to our important mission. We see our communities as vibrant regions of passionate trade workers, of all backgrounds, building and maintaining the neighborhoods where we live, work, learn, and play. Between attending trade shows, organizing school trips, working with counselors, and much much more, we are fully committed to advancing this mission to fruition and beyond.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our esteemed board members contribute diverse skills and perspectives, collectively driving NCTWC’s mission forward.

NCTWC Pam Stott


Executive Director

Executive Director, Northeast Construction Trades Workforce Coalition, LLC

Doug Ford of NCTWC Board



VP Purchasing, Industry Advocacy, and Community Relations, Curtis Lumber

Matt Whitbeck of NCTWC Board


Vice President

Owner, Whitbeck Construction

Dr. Denise of NCTWC Board



Vice President, Workforce Development and Community Education, HVCC

Nancy DeStefano of NCTWC Board




Facts & Data

There is a significant shortage of skilled tradespeople. The statistics speak volumes—62% of firms nationally struggle to fill skilled trades positions. It’s a challenge we can’t ignore, and the NCTWC invites you to be part of the solution.

3 million

skilled trades jobs will remain open by 2028, according to Forbes.


is the average trades salary in NY, according to ZipRecruiter.*


is the average trade school tuition cost according to U.S. News.

* For average wages by construction trades sector, please visit the Department of Labor‘s website.

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